Lomilomi massage


What is a lomilomi massage?


Lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage. It is also known as the ‘Loving Hands’ massage as the most important component is the art of compassionate touch. Lomilomi massage takes relaxation to a much deeper level than a typical massage. It is one of the most beautiful forms of massage available.



At the beginning of the treatment the therapist will gently place their hands on the client and ask the client to breathe deeply to get them to relax. There will be few moments of silence and the therapist may say a small, quiet prayer. This massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles through flowing and continuous strokes which bring about relaxation. A lomilomi massage includes many different techniques, but mainly long strokes being carried out through the hands and forearms. Warm organic coconut oil will be used for this treatment.



Releases tension

Assists blood and lymph flow

Improves blood circulation

Promotes well-being

Better flexibility

Better posture

Greater vitality

Helps with toxin removal

Creates balance

Boosts the immune system

Lomilomi partner massage


Give your friend, partner, or family member a lovely present by booking a lomilomi partner massage with us. We are two friends: Miraz from Nepal and Kadri from Estonia. We work together so that we can offer this great opportunity for two close people to relax together and enjoy one of the most beautiful forms of massage. You will give both your loved one and you yourself a beautiful present if you book a lomilomi partner massage with us. Please keep in mind the fact that you need to have enough free space for two massage tables.



Lomilomi massage does not replace any medical treatments or diagnosis.