About Us




Kadri is an holistic therapist. She has studied massage and reiki in the United Kingdom and Germany. She is the founder of Mobile Healing Arts.

Kadri is fully experienced and qualified when it comes to carrying out safe and effective treatments. She creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere in which the client can relax and restore. She is dedicated to helping others with their well-being.

Kadri is passionate about nature. Her studies in environmental sciences have influenced her to use only organic massage and essential oils from Young Living in her treatments.

Kadri is a spiritual person, and is always in a state of growth. Meditation and tantric practices are part of her everyday life.

Originally from Estonia, Kadri lives in Hamburg in Germany.




Miraz is additional facilitator of Mobile Healing Arts. He was born and raised in Kathmandu, a valley in the Nepalese Himalayas. He now lives in Hamburg in Germany.

Miraz is a tantric sannyasan, from the OSHO tradition. His sannyasan name is swami dhyan Maitreya. For a long time he has been scholar of Tantra and Vajrayana (the tantric path in Buddhism). He has a deep understanding of tantra culture both in the East and West.

Miraz is a certified tantra yoga teacher from the Kaula tradition, Shrikali Ashram in South Goa, India. In addition, he is a professionally-trained singing bowl healer, which he studied in Kathmandu. He has also completed wellness massage training in Germany.

One of the important aspects of his facilitation is to understand, experience, and practice all of these various healing arts in the most efficient, uncomplicated, undemanding, unchallenged, and effortless way.




Aigi invites you to forget the stress of everyday life for a few moments. She combines classic, wellness and sports massage.

She is precise in her massage techniques. Athletes are in good hands with her as well as wellness fans.

The greatest success for her is a satisfied customer.

Aigi was born in Estonia and relocated to Hamburg more than 20 years ago.